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About SEP

The Sebastopol Entrepreneur Projects (SEP) was launched in early 2010 with the financial support of the City of Sebastopol.  This support from the city enabled a core group of dedicated individuals to drive the effort that resulted in today’s SEP organization with many satisfied clients.

SEP remains focused on providing support to start-ups and existing small businesses.  New businesses create jobs and invest money as they grow.  SEP is dedicated to helping businesses “Start, Learn, Grow, and Thrive” in Sonoma County in several ways:

One-on-one Business Advising support

Our team of volunteer Business Advisors provides expertise in many areas of business including, but not limited to, business plan development, manufacturing/production options, web-based and traditional marketing, legal options, regulatory requirements, cost analysis, fund raising, etc.

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Young Entrepreneur Programs (in development)

SEP is developing a high school program for students to learn and use the basics of Entrepreneurship. SEP’s premise is that Entrepreneurship involves a process. The best way to learn a process is to do it, not listen to lectures about it. This is project based learning using real world solutions. It includes hands-on exposure to several professions, including business, that may provide ideas for the student’s future.

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Community Business Education

SEP hosts regularly scheduled, often no-cost, business education presentations and classes open to the community at large. We bring in speakers specializing in the myriad of challenges facing small business owners. Topics range from the hard & fast requirements for successful businesses to the more emotional impacts of starting a business on your personal and family lives.

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